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Q: Do I really need a pool service?

A: Anyone can maintain their own pool, but the question is do you have the time to take care of it consistently?  Pool service needs to be performed regularly or problems can arise that are more costly than the monthly service.

Q: My pool builder said my pool is virtually maintenance free; do I still need a monthly service company?

A: No matter how many automated features your pool has (i.e. automatic salt chlorinator, in-floor cleaning system, electronic control system) it will never be completely maintenance free.  Someone still has to clean the filteres, adjust the chemicals and most of all insure the automatic features are working properly.

Q: My pool is green - do I need an acid wash?

A: Not necessarily. You may need a chlorine bath.  An acid wash would be appropriate if you have mineral type stains such as rock, sand, rust, etc. A chlorine bath is appropriate when you have organic stains such as algae, leaf stains, etc.

Q: It seems like "my local pool store" is trying to sell me every chemical in the store. Do I really need all this stuff in my pool?

A: Typically, you only need 3 chemicals for your pool: acid (to adjust ph), chlorine (to sanitize) and conditioner aka stabilizer (to protect chlorine from the sun).  Any other chemical you may need is specific to a situation.  For calcium build-up you may need a de-scaler, for hi-phosphates you may need a phospate blocker and for salt chlorinators you will obviously need salt.  At Desert Oasis we put the least amount of chemicals in your pool so you're actually swimming in water, not a chemical bath.

Q: If you are called to my house on a warranty call, why is there a charge for the service call?

A: Warranty parts and service calls are paid for by the manufacturer so we must follow their guidelines.  Some warranty policies will cover parts for a longer time period than they will cover the labor.


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